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FCI Premier is a division within a privately owned leading online FX platform
provider. Through our FX and payment service provider ebury we offer a deliverable foreign exchange service based around fast
execution and risk management solutions.


If your business is looking to obtain more for your money, reduce currency risk or simply be assured of a reliable and secure payments service, we can take care of all your currency requirements. The award winning service offers payment solutions through a number of products that enable individuals and companies to achieve more competitive currency exchange rates.

If you are importing or exporting and have foreign exchange exposure then the Premier service can help in mitigating your risk. Transparent pricing and a tailored risk management approach can help benfit your business.


If you are looking to buy a home abroad, emigrating or simply making a foreign payment, we will trade the currency concerned at competitive rates to save you money. Here at FCI Premier we work with all our clients to ensure that their exchange rate costs are kept to a minimum whilst delivering a personable, secure and highly professional service without fees and 0% commission.



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November 11, 2019

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